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  • Retention Services


    The Retention Area uses multiple methods when working with at-risk students on academic probation. The Retention Team  reviews the student’s academic record and learning history before coordinating with students to define personal, educational and career goals as well as the skills needed to achieve these goals.

    In addition, The Retention Team assess the student’s skill level in areas identified as essential to achievement. The Retention Team helps to establish the competency level that the student should strive to achieve. The team identifies curricular, co- curricular, experiential and community learning strategies that will enable students to develop these skills.
    Finally, The Retention Team reviews and evaluates progress toward goal achievement and skills development. Individualized plans are devised to provide clarity for the students in order to ensure success.

  • Early Warnings


    The Early Warning Program is designed to help faculty members identify students who are having academic difficulties. These students are referred to The Retention Team who will then work with the student to identify the reasons for the difficulties as well as communicate strategies for success. Issues are identified and the student receives an individual session to discuss any problems they may be experiencing in order to find solutions.

  • Midterm Warning Program

    The Midterm Warning Program is designed to identify and assist students who have issues that are negatively impacting their classroom performance up to the midterm exams period. The faculty member will need to complete the Academic Progress Warning Form indicating the issues impacting the student’s success and any recommendations. Student receive a midterm warning letter, guidance from the retention team at SSC and are directed to take advantage of the  academic support services offered on GUST campus.



    The Retention Area holds a Success information session aimed at all students with GPA below 2.00 with the goal of explaining the consequences of having low GPA and the rules and policies of the university.
    The information session is held at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. Students are contacted by e-mail and by text message to ensure their mandatory attendance.