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  • Learning Services


    • The SSC Learning Support Services are intended to assist all degree–seeking undergraduate students who are experiencing academic difficulties.

      The sole purpose of the Area is to provide learning support services ranging from tutoring to Academic skills workshops and more.

  • Tutoring Program
    • About The Tutoring Center

      The Tutoring Center is an academic service providing different methods of free peer tutoring sessions. The area is created to offer an atmosphere of friendliness, academia and to encourage GUST students to receive tutoring accordingly.

      All Peer Tutors are highly qualified students who have the knowledge and ability to deliver the academic information to their fellow peer students driven by the commitment to serve others.
      The tutor’s main goal is to give students meaningful opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of subject matter as well as to help students become independent learners.

      Goals of Tutoring

      Tutoring is the process of getting students to become independent through questioning. The main purpose of Tutoring is to:

      • Help Students become better independent learners
      • Help students realize that there are differences in the way people learn
      • Help students discover their own learning styles
      • Show students how to utilize their strengths
      • Provide training to improve specific student deficits
      • Help students organize and prioritize

      Benfits of Tutoring

      • Heightens sense of accessibility in conforming to a new role
      • Encourages higher levels of thinking
      • Increases motivation to learn in order to maintain new role
      • Increases ability to manage own learning and study strategies
      • Increases subject-specific knowledge
      • Increases related general knowledge
      • Increases understanding of subject area
      • Improves attitude toward subject area
      • Provides more empathy with students
      • Offers more individualized, systematic and structured learning experience
      • Provides greater correspondence between teacher and learner with a closer role model
      • Improves academic performance and personal growth
      • Generates stronger effects than other individualized teaching strategies
      • Provides intensive practice for students who need it
      • Improves self-esteem.

      Tutoring Center Schedule

      Tutoring is successful because it provides highly individualized, one-on-one or small group instruction in a comfortable, distraction-free area.
      Please stop by our Center for free tutoring and support.
      Our peer tutors are available to assist you in numerous subject areas acoording to a fixed schedule


  • Academic Skills Workshops

    About Academic Skills Workshops

    Academic skills are the skills that students need to succeed at university. For example, students generally need to able to manage their time or learn how to take proper notes.

    Each semester, Learning Support Services provides all GUST students an opportunity to continually enhance their learning and study skills through a series of workshops. All workshops are conducted by the Lead Learning Specialist with topics including Classroom Etiquette, Time Management, Note-Taking and Test-Taking among others.

    Goals of Academic Skills Workshops

    These programs run for most of the year and cover a wide range of skills for all GUST students to:

    • Support educational needs.
    • Assist students with the acquisition of learning and academic skills to support their college years at GUST.