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  • Tutoring Program

    Program Description:

    Peer tutors provide individual and small group tutoring sessions in subjects the tutor has attained a B grade or above. The Peer Tutor facilitates learning as a guide and coach to assist the student to become a successful, independent learner.  Peer tutors integrate effective study and learning strategies to maximize the tutee’s potential for academic progress. Peer Tutors are also expected to refer students to other appropriate university resources as needed.

    Purpose of the Tutoring Program

    To help other students and reinforce your own skills and understanding. Tutoring involves a real commitment to learning and scheduling. The process of tutoring will be fun and rewarding when both the tutor and the fellow student are serious in their endeavors and make the appropriate personal commitment. 

    Tutoring offers reinforcement and support outside the traditional classroom setting for students who are having difficulty in understanding the course content. It also helps students realize that someone cares about their personal and academic goals. As you know, we all learn through different styles and at different rates. There is no one method of learning that is "best." Most success will be found with methods that you and your fellow student will develop while working together.

    • Tutors Learning Outcomes

      Tutors will learn:

      1.  Leadership skills.
      2.  Responsibility.
      3. Critical thinking skills.
      4. Decision making skills.
      5.  Organizational skills.
      6. Importance of punctuality / attendance.
      7. Developmental Skills.
    • Tutors Responsibilities

      Tutors are responsible to:

      • Follow messages from lead learning specialist regarding a tutoring assignment.
      • Follow the schedule set in advance.
      • Tutor students in specific course material and integrate study and learning strategies to promote independent learning.
      • Participate in the peer tutors training
      • Complete and submit the required forms on time.
      • Make appropriate referrals to other campus resources and inform the Lead Learning Specialist of any referral.
      • Provide support and assistance to all students as a walk-in basis
      • Support the Student Success Center when required by the Lead Learning Specialist.
      • Assist and guide tutees through their assignments, but tutors will not do work for any tutee.
      • Not  to be paid by their tutees for any academic services.
      •  Uphold the GUST Honor Code.  If a tutor suspects a student of cheating, the tutor must inform the SSC Director of their concerns.
      • Respect tutee’s personal dignity and will accept each individual without judgment.

      Position Requirement:

      • Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above.
      • Minimum of  60 units.
      • Be recommended by an institutional faculty member.
      • Student will Tutor a subject that he/she has passed with grade B or higher.
      • Be able to work a minimum of 5 hours per week.
      • Complete the required minimum ten-hour tutor training.
      • Be able to work effectively as part of a team.
      • Good Discipline Standing.
      • Ability to quickly establish rapport and communicate well with students.

    Meet Our Tutors


    Tutoring Center Tutors For  Spring 1802

    College Of Business Administration

     Tutor Name: Aalia Ismail

     Major: Accounting

     Tutor Name: Fatmah Al-Ajmi

     Major: Accounting

     Tutor Name: Ahmad Alhashemi

     Major: Accounting

     Tutor Name: Maryan  AlSharrah

     Major: Accounting

     Tutor Name: Rewan Hassanin

     Major: Accounting

     Tutor Name: Shreefah  ALDosary

     Major: Accounting

     Tutor Name: Fathima Fahmy

     Major:  Finance

    Tutor Name: Hind Yousef

    Major:  Finance

     Tutor Name: Abdulmajid Albasha

     Major:  Finance

     Tutor Name: Barak AlMubarak

     Major:  Finance

     Tutor Name: Salma Aly

     Major:  International Business

     Tutor Name: Salma Hashem

     Major:  Management Organization Behavior

     Name: Raghad  Abdel rahman

     Major: Management Organization Behavior

    Tutor Name: Bodour Ali

     Major:Management Organization Behavior

     Tutor Name: Sarah Farah

    Major:  Marketing

     Tutor Name: Fatma El Zaghir

    Major:  Marketing

    Name: Fatima AlZamel

     Major: Management Information System

     Tutor Name: Wasan Nassar

     Major: Management Information System

    Tutor Name: Badria Ashoor

     Major: Management Information System



    College Of Art & Sciences

    Tutor Name: Sara Al Musallam

    Major: Public Relation & Advertisement

    Tutor Name: Reem Kaafarani

    Major: Public Relation & Advertisement

     Tutor Name: Ruqia Al-Abduljader

     Major: English Literature

     Tutor Name: Arwa Abloushi

     Major: English Literature

     Tutor Name: Dana Al_Ostaz

     Major: English Education

     Tutor NameSami ALRABEAH

     MajorEnglish Education

     Tutor Name: Logain Karaki

     Major: English Literature

     Tutor Name: Shirin Ghazi Ahmad Abdelqader

     Major: Computer Science

     Tutor Name: Ebraheem Al-Muaili

     Major: Computer Science



    Program Description:

    The Student Worker is a person who is pursuing his studies but who also utilizes his spare time by working in a particular department at GUST. These jobs keep in mind the academic schedule of the student and are more lenient than full time jobs. The students academics is the main priority overall. The experience as a student worker may also be mentioned by the student in his resume and helps him earn some money too.

    SW Learning Outcomes:

    Student worker will learn:

    1. Leadership skills.
    2.  Responsibility.
    3. Critical thinking skills.
    4. Decision making skills.
    5.  Organizational skills.
    6. Importance of punctuality / attendance.
    7. Developmental Skills

    SW Responsibilities:

    1. To perform clerical or data entry tasks and files important documents accordingly.
    2.  Make phone calls.
    3.  Answer students’ queries.
    4. Cover the reception area and the front desk.
    5. Welcoming agent to all the students entering the center and guiding their needs.
    6.  Update records in the department data base.
    7. Copy, file, sort and compile various information details.
    8. Expected to maintain work area clean and organized.
    9.  Adhere to the code of confidentiality.
    10. Create publication as requested for the center.
    11. To be given further tasks as per instructed by the supervisor and the SSC director.

    Position Requirement:

    1. GPA 2.5 and above.
    2. Minimum of 30 credits.




    Disability Services provides note-taking to students who have submitted the required  documentations and been approved for note-taking based on their disability. The note-taker is responsible for attending all the classes for which he/she is hired. Further, the note-taker is responsible for producing clear class note format as agreed with the special needs student. It is the note-taker's responsibility to attend every class throughout the semester. If the note-taker is ill or unable to attend a lecture, he/she must inform the Disability Services Coordinator beforehand.


    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Attending classes on time.
    • Taking good set of notes with details for the lectures attended.
    • Organizing notes according to dates and chapters.
    • Assisting students in any written in class activities.
    • Disability coordinators should be notified 24 hours earlier if the note taker cannot attend next lecture.
    • Keeping all information of disability students confidential.


    Guidelines for Note Taking:

    • Write the date, course code, and chapter number.
    • Start taking notes for the lecture.
    • Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
    • Highlight important points with different colors.
    • Write down all the examples mentioned by the instructor during lecture.


    Learning Outcomes:

    Note Takers will learn:

    • Importance of punctuality / attendance.
    • Organizational skills.
    • Developmental Skills.
    • Responsibility.
    • Confidentiality.


    1.GPA of 2.50.

    2.Completing 30 credit hours.

    3.Strong communication skills.

    4.Dynamic personality.

    Note: Note-takers are required to attend all the note taking skills lecture organized by the Tutoring Center.