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Director's Message

Director's Message

Dear GUST Students,


Welcome to the Student Success Center!


The Student Success Center is a University-wide program which provides services and support to all undergraduate students. Its mission is to ensure the success of students attending the Gulf University for Science and Technology with services including tutoring and academic advising to personal counseling and monitoring of student academic progress and other related academic enhancements. The Director of the Student Success Center, under the supervision of the Dean of Students Affairs, with the SSC team consisting of specialists, counselors and tutors and the University community work together to ensure that all students are offered the required services needed for a successful university experience at GUST.


We invite you to stop by the Student Success Center at N3-101 to learn about the many other resources and services that our office has available to assist you in making assertive decisions regarding your academic professional life.


We at the SSC welcome you and look forward to working with you. Our goal is to help you navigate the rest of your college years successfully so your experience at GUST is the best it can be.


Have a fantastic academic year!




Basema Dana

Director, Student Success Center